Owner Statement - James Verheyden, MD

“My mission is to do the right thing for the environment, the economy, and the customer. Do it right. Do it once. Never do it again. As a Physician, Eagle Scout and Boy Scout Scoutmaster, I am trying to do the right thing for the environment, the economy, and the customer.” - James Verheyden MD

Juniper Removal

  • Decreases risk for catastrophic wildfire with its threat to structures, people, and the environment. Fewer and less catastrophic wildfires results in decreased sight and environmental pollution. This also saves economic and firefighting resources for higher value forests that might burn.

  • Helps the local watershed

  • Improves stream flows, native fish habitat, and watershed tributaries

  • Helps the threatened Sage Grouse

  • Improves plant biodiversity

  • Improves animal biodiversity

  • In the transitional forest setting, removal improves the growth and health of the fire resistant Ponderosa Pine

Quality Concrete Production

  • Concrete roads and structures are more expensive than asphalt, but concretes longevity and decreased maintenance result in significant decreased construction and maintenance costs over time. Long term life cycle costs are less with concrete.

  • Improved gas mileage with concrete roads compared to asphalt, approximately 2 miles per gallon better gas mileage when driving on a concrete road.

  • Concrete reflects heat, keeping surrounding areas cooler and helping maintain moisture content in adjacent woodland fuels. This helps decrease fire risk and fire behavior and helps combat greenhouse gas effects, which is very beneficial, especially when compared to the heat trapping effects of asphalt and paving in a forested or fire prone area such as Central Oregon.

  • Concrete is environmentally friendly. The basic ingredients to make concrete are sand, rock, water, and limestone. No petroleum based products are used to make concrete.

  • If done right, quality concrete will last many, many years. Parts of the Roman colosseum are still standing and were made from concrete placed over 2000 years ago.

Create working wage jobs and stimulate the economy

  • The creation of one Western Juniper removal forestry job has the economic impact equivalent of 208 jobs in Multnomah County.”

    • Jason Yohanna Regional Economist - Oregon Labor Market Information

  • V Work’s and Millwood’s mission is to create working wage jobs in the forestry and construction sector, stimulating the economy, putting people to work and food on family tables.

  • Millwood creates a useful and economically viable product from a Juniper tree which is usually considered worthless and a weed, all while helping the environment.

  • V Works Mobile Mix Concrete creates a stronger, longer lasting, and more durable concrete than is currently being offered in Central Oregon, helping the economy and the environment in the process.

Create a better concrete product

  • Concrete, when done right, will last many, many years. When I came to Central Oregon, I was not happy with the quality of concrete that I saw or the longevity of the concrete that was being placed. Because of a need and desire to produce a better concrete product, I found V Works Mobile Mix Concrete.

Dr. James Verheyden loves his Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery day job

Dr. James Verheyden has a very busy and successful practice at The Center as a Hand & Upper Extremity Surgeon. I have a passion for what I do and I have no intentions of slowing down my surgical practice.
Starting these companies is an enjoyable experience and allows me to exercise a different portion of my brain. I don’t consider any of this work. As a Hand & Microsurgeon I work on a small, microscopic, and detailed levels for my day job. At Millwood and V Works, I work on macro levels with much larger brush strokes and grander visions. Again, my mission is to do the right thing for the environment, the economy, and the customer. None of this is work. This all has been fun.